Lush: 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly Review

Have you ever been sore and wished you had something to ease the soreness? Well say no more, Lush created the 93,000 Miles shower jelly to help your muscles ease soreness pain. I am not going to lie, I was skeptical about trying this product but it proved me wrong. Not only doesn’t it help your muscles but it also relaxes you, as it has a strong cinnamon scent to it. So ladies and gents, add 93,000 Miles to your list of things to buy this month and let me know if you like it. Enjoy!

BUY LUSH 93,000 Miles Here (Click on the link below):
93,000 Miles Shower Jelly by Lush 8.4 oz



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VoxBox: Ole Henriksen review 

About a month ago I received a VoxBox from Influenster to review Ole Henriksen, Power bright, products. To be honest I had never heard of Ole Henriksen prior to receiving my box. 

My first impression once reciving my box was, the packaging is super cute. 

So what were the products I reviewed? Onei three was, Power Bright, which is a three step process that focuses on making your skin look polished and flawless. 

The three steps are as followed: 

Step 1 is a truth sugar glow polishing mask.

Step 2 is a truth 25% vitamin C concentrate facial mask 

Step 3 is pure truth melting cleanser gel 

The first time trying, Power Bright, I was instantly impressed. Each step focuses in making your face look clean and healthy. Especially with the vitamin C mask. Plus the smell is just like orange. 

The other two products I also received was the, Sheer Transformation, which is an oil-free perfecting creme that helps repair skin with again vitamin C. These creme makes my skin feels so refreshed. I apply it on my face and neck. 

The last product I received in my box was the, Truth Serum Collagen Booster, which also has vitamin C complex. I have always heard that collagen is excellent for the skin and it’s no doubt that this serum is perfect. Can’t wait to make my next purchase.

 Ole Heniksen products are for sure the best summer discovery that I will never let go of. 

For more information visit Ole Henriksen Here

Have you tried any of these products? Comment below. 

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The Foundation Review 


Looking flawless ladies can be a struggle, that is if you haven’t found the right foundation. I recently tried the Peter Thomas Roth CC cream, at first I hesitated to drop $45 on this foundation without doing my research but a consultant at Sephora highly recommended it. What really sold me on the product was the fact that you not only get coverage but it helps your skin with the anti-age treatment. It also has 30 x vitamin C, sunscreen, camu camu, arbutin which helps improve your skin imperfections. So while you are looking glamours, your foundation is working magic at the same time. 

I also wanted to find another foundation that I could use everyday since my favorite CC cream from Sephora has been discontinued. I then heard about L’Oreals Infallible pro-matte foundation. Trust me when I say that I have never ever found such cheap foundation ($11) that worked so good. It is everlasting and the matte finish gives you that natural look especially if you have oily skin. I love love love this foundation and can’t believe it’s just $11 

Regardless which one you decide to try make sure you keep in mind your necessities and balance out what you consider the pros and your cons. 

Let me know if you have tried any of these foundations or plan too. I will be looking for your tweet! 


Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay Blush Palette 

Happy Thursday Ladies,

When I first heard that Gwen Stefani was doing a collaboration with Urban Decay I really didn’t know what to expect. When I saw this blush palette I knew I had to get it. The palette ranges from a matte shades to a glow effect. 


For just $45 you can get all these 6 shades. I know what you’re thinking, “Is it worth it?” Honestly yes, out of the six shades I can say that I have used 5 of them so depending on what you like this palette has a variety.

 From top to bottom: Angel, Easy, Cherry, OC, Hush and Lo-FI 

My favorite so far is Angel, it is a perfect highlighter and the pigmentation is great. Have you seen the eyeshadow palette? Or have you bought this blush palette? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. 

Until next time,


Let’s talk Milani 

Milani has become one of my favorite drug store  brands, especially for there quality blushes. I love their blushes so much that I don’t use my name brand blushes as much anymore. 

I have noticed that the Milani products, especially the powder blush and illuminating face powder, go on a little bit matte but if you like some shimmer or glow I absolutely recommend their baked blushes. The pigmentation in these blushes is great which means you need to blend well. The best part of the blushes is that they last for hours. 

My favorite of the baked blushes has been Berry Amore. It’s a beautiful shimmer dark pink with gold. (Right to left: Luminoso, Berry Amore and Dolce Pink) 

Now if you like to shop on a budget the prices are super affordable. You can find Milani at your local drug store or online. Buy Milani online 

I have to also mention the packaging of the brand, it is adorable with the flower shape powder blush and gold edges. And included with the baked blushes you get a mirror and brush on the inside.  

 ( Top to bottoms: Tea Rose and Amber Nectar) 
So if you are looking for quality make up check out Milani and stay within your budget. 

Let me know your thoughts on the brand and other products that you have tried. 

Until next time beauties, 


Asian Beauty Products 

Hello Beauties,

About a year ago I found this really cool store called FIT located in the heart of Chinatown in Houston, TX.

This store has tons of cute little stuff such a home decor, office supplies and awesome Asian beauty products. The greatest part is everything ranges from $2 to $4 I bought 7 products for under $20 which to me that is a pretty great deal.

1. Intensive Repair Foot Mask

This foot mask is made out of Shea butter and Avocado. It comes with a pair of socks, you first apply the lotion to your feet and then you cover your feet with your socks. You leave them on for 20 to 30 minutes and enjoy the results.

2. It’s real squeeze mask 

There is nothing better then relaxing on the weekend with a great face mask. When I saw this mask made with strawberry, I had to get it. The mask is actually a sheet you spread on your face and leave on for 20minutes letting your skin hydrate and absorb. The best part it was only $3

3. Eyeliner Assist 

I wish I would have had this product in middle school when I was learning how to put on eyeliner. This product helps you put on a flawless eyeliner and it was just $1 you seriously can’t beat that.

4. Clean Shaven Pad

This is just a great idea! This product  serves as a shaving pad. Unfortunately it did not really impress when it came down to the results. If it would fully work I would carry this in my bag 247.

5. Scalp Spa Massager

This is actually one of the products I was most excited to use. I have heard that if you have oily hair you should use a brush while shampooing your hair to get rid of the oil. No lie, aside from this brush feeling really good on my scalp it really made my hair feel more clean then usual.

6. Lashes

These lashes were just $2 and they are so light and natural. I am definitely going back for more. They are a must!

7. Pull Up Roller 

FIT had so many body rollers that I had no idea even existed so I had to get one. This roller was just $3 and it helps in the stomach area as well as in the thighs to avoid cellulite. I am giving myself a couple more days to see if I see any big results.

Have you tried any of these products? Or will you be trying any? Make sure to let me know, I would love to hear your input at @ViriMal

Happy Thursday!


MAC & Cargo: Eye shadow palettes 

Happy Tuesday, 

Today I want to talk about my two current eyeshadow palette obsession. If you are looking for a great shadow palette one of these two will do the job.   

I was so excited when I saw this MAC palette at Nordstorm, ‘Nordstrom Naturals’ Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition) (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($160 Value) And got my hands on it. This 15 eyeshadow palette is amazing and it includes some of the popular colors such as saddle, satin taupe, honey lust and wedge. Although the retail price is for $85 I recommend it because of the quality. I think if you want to spoil yourself, this palette is simply everything because you get the variety of matte and shimmer colors. 

 My second palette of choice right now is from the Canadian brand, Cargo. I am actually surprised not a lot of people are talking about this brand or product. The name of this palette is The Essentials, this 12 eyeshadow palette includes a brush as well as a black eye liner for the retail price of $39.99 the pigment in these eyeshadows are rich. My favorite colors in this palette are Industry, Metro, Hub, Urban, District and Rush Hour. You can find Cargo at Ulta or if you live in Houston visit the Look Boutique. 

Do you have any favorite eyeshadow palettes? Make sure to tweet me your favorites at @ViriMal 

Until next time beauties, 



Treat Your Hair Right

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Today I want to share with you tips and products that have worked for me in regards to having healthy hair. If you met me a couple of months ago when I had long dark healthy hair then you know how much I took pride and joy in it. Then I got crazy and decided to cut and do an ombre, which unfortunately got my hair a little damaged. I’m happy to report that my hair is getting back to being healthy and here is what has helped.

Feliz Martes,

Hoy les quiero compartir algunos tips y productos que me han funcionado para tener pelo sano. Si me conociste algunos meses atrás saben que tenia mi pelo largo y muy sano. Recientemente decidí pintar me lo y hizo que mi pelo se resecara. Pero gracias a estos siguiente productos mi pelo se ve sano.


1. Coconut Oil, has saved my hair. Seriously! Before you shower grab a small portion of regular Coconut Oil and spread it on the bottom tip of your hair for about an hour or so. This will help your dry hair get the oil it needs. Then wash your hair like you normally would. You will instantly see the difference in the texture of your hair. You can also sleep with it on. Coconut Oil, can be found at your local grocery store.

1. El aceite de coco es muy bueno para el pelo. Solo ponte lo en las puntas de tu pelo por una hora o toda la noche y enjuagas tu pelo con tu champú normal. El aceite de coco se puede conseguir en cualquier tienda de comida.


2. Briogeo, Don’t despair, Repair! Deep conditioning mask also helped repair my hair. I found out about this mask from my monthly Birchbox. This mask has avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, rose hip oil, soothing aloe, and super hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, E and biotin. This mask is perfect for damaged, colored hair as well as for the ladies whom blow dry or straighten their hair everyday. You can buy Don’t despair, Repair here: Briogeo Hair

2. Briogeo, Don’t despair, Repair! Es una mascarilla para el pelo muy bueno. Después de usar la primera vez ve el resultado. Esta mascarilla también es buena para aquellas que se secan o planchan el pelo todo los días.


3. I bought this conditioning mask on my last trip to Mexico, my cousin swore that it worked magic and it did. After my Briogeo was done this was my back up. The best part is it was just $4 unfortunately they don’t sell this brand in the U.S. so if you’re ever in Mexico make sure to get you a bottle of, Shot.

3. Esta mascarilla de pelo llamada Shot es muy barata y buena. No la puedes conseguir en EUU pero si en Mexico.

4. My last recommendation is to wash your hair with cold water this helps your scalp as well getting your hair that extra shine that it needs.

4. Mi ultima recomendación es que se laven el pelo con agua fría. Esto les ayuda para dar brillo y mas.

Remember we are all unique and our hair is part of our stamp. Treat your hair right with love and care and you will begin to see healthy results.



Enhance your Eyes

How many of us, girls, can’t leave the house without mascara? Or how many of us struggle finding the right mascara? Well ever since I can recall wearing mascara, I have been curious in trying and comparing different brands from drug store to expensive brands. Here are my top 3 mascara’s that you must try.

Cuantas de nosotras no pueden salir de la casa sin rímel? O cuantas de nosotras están buscando el rímel perfecto? Bueno desde que yo me acuerdo usando rímel, siempre me a gustado comparar y usar diferente marcas. Aquí están mis top 3 rímeles que deben de tratar.

The Drug Store Brand:

3. Covergirl, is by far one of my favorite drug store brands. I have been using LashBlast Volume for about two year’s and love the brush on this mascara. It helps give that dark dramatic look plus the price is very reasonable.

3. Covergirl, es una de mis marcas favoritas. Especialmente por su precio muy accesible. Mi favorito rímel es el de Lash Blast Volume, me fascina el broche de este rímel y el look negro que deja en mis ojos.

Buy Covergirl here



The International Brand:

2. I actually just bought this mascara on a recent trip to Mexico. The brand is Taleb and this is mostly my everyday mascara. The smell is horrible but the brush is amazing, this mascara makes my lashes look thicker. It’s truly great and I got it for $60 pesos about $6 U.S. dollars.

2. Este rímel lo compre en mi récente viaje a Mexico. La marca es Taleb y lo uso casi todos los días. El olor es horrible pero la brocha de este rímel también me fascina y deja un look muy dramático. Pague $60 pesos casi $6 dólares.



The Expensive Mascara:

1. I recently bought this mascara online through a friend whom is starting to sell this brand called, Younique, I had heard lots of great things about this 3D mascara and they weren’t kidding. It comes with two mascaras. One is the fibers and the other the transplanting gel. On my first try I truly declare myself a fan. The price for this mascara is $29 but it was well worth it.
Buy Younique here

1. Recientemente compre este rímel en el internet atar vez de la pagina de una amiga que vende esta marca. Younique, es el nombre de la marca y su rímel es el 3D rímel que viene en una cajita con dos tubos. Uno es de el gel que te pones antes de poner te las fibras. Me declaro fan de este rímel. Me encanto aunque es un poco caro pero se ven los resultados.



And since we are on the topic of enhancing our eyes I can not leave out my 2 favorite eyeliners.

Y ya que estamos hablando sobre los ojos aquí están mis 2 favorito lápiz de ojos.

Top 2 Eyeliners:

2. I also bought this eyeliner on my recent trip to Mexico it’s by A.Q. & Company in Pakistan. It’s basically black coal in a tube. Its super black making my eyes look really dramatic. I paid $40 pesos about $4 U.S dollars I’m sure you can find something similar to this at any middle eastern store.

2. Este también lo compre en mi viaje a Mexico es por A.Q. & Company. Básicamente es como un tipo de carbon en un tubo que se usa mucho en lugares como India o Pakistan. Deja tu ojo con un look muy dramático y negro. Este lo puedes encontrar en cualquier tienda donde vendan cosas del Oriente Miedo.



1. I love Smashbox and their eyeliner Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx
I love how smooth it is and the nice clean look it gives.

1. Amo la marca Smashbox y su lápiz Limitless Eye Liner en Onyx, deja que tu ojo se vea limpio y suave.

Buy Smashbox Here


Enjoy the tips ladies and make sure to let me know what your favs are.

Disfruten estos consejos y dejen me saber cuales son sus favoritos.