Celebrating life: Día de los Muertos

As ironic as it sounds Day of the Dead (Dia de los muertos) is a celebration of life, I have always been so drawn and fascinated with this Mexican holiday ever since I was a little girl, but it began to have a deeper meaning for me when my loved ones started to pass away. It is said that on this day those who have left us return for one night to be surrounded by their loved ones. Those that are dead return to their tombs or their altar where their loved ones have placed their favorite things such as foods, drinks, music and more.

And if you have seen the movie “Coco” then you understand a little bit more of this tradition. This year, I decided to visit Casa Ramierz in Houston, TX to see some of the altars that they have in exhibition.

Also, TBH-Center in the East-End of Houston dedicated their altar to my friend and old colleagues Brenda Aquino and Professor Carlin. It is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the years and dedication put into the center and the art community by Brenda and Carlin.

The altars represent and honor the life of our loved one. And no it has nothing to do with Halloween, this is a Mexican tradition.

On November 1st which is, All Saints Day, we remember the little angels that were taken at a young age. On November 2nd we remember all of the adults that are no longer with us.

Cemeteries in Mexico are filled with colorful flowers such as the traditional marigold flowers, candles and music. Live bands play all night long while family members pray and remember the life of their loved one. Its truly a celebration of life after death!

This post is dedicated to my loved ones that have passed away. My grandpa, my uncle Rafael, my cousin Cynthia, my aunt Imelda, my partner-in-crime Vanessa, my dear friend Brenda, my colleague Carlin, and my doggies Pupi and Sisi.


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