5 Reusable Halloween Looks for Women

How many times have we bought an expensive halloween costume and asked ourselves, “When will I ever wear this again?” I know I have. Last year, I refused to buy a new costume so I went through my closet and I DIY my costumer. It is actually easier then what you think. There is nothing better then being able to reuse your halloween costume throughout the year. It’s a win, win for all!

Here are 5 DIY Halloween costume ideas that are cheap to do and reusable throughout the year! Let me know which one you decide to do. Also, scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my DIY from last year.


1. Clueless

The look:

DIY Look:

Buy Dress Here

Buy wig and white stalkings here 


2. Selena

The look

DIY look:


Buy lipstick, jacket, wig and earrings here

Buy white shirt here


3. Frida Kahlo

The look:

DIY look:


Buy earrings, shall, flower crown and dress here 


4. “We Can Do It”

The look:

DIY Look:



Buy We Can Do it patch, shirt and polka dot head band here


5. Wednesday

The look:

DIY look:


Buy dress here 

Buy skull and white stalkings here


And here is my DIY look from last year, I was Wednesday from the Adams family.


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