The Biggest Carnival in Mexico: Feria de San Marcos

La Feria de San Marcos is the biggest carnival/fair in Mexico, it is also known as the biggest “cantina” in Mexico for the large amount of liquor that is sold within its 4 weeks of festival. During the day there are different activities through out the city of Aguascalientes, such as a carnival, art exhibits, bullfights and artisan shops. During the night there are different concerts, a casino and of course the party zone filled with clubs and bars. In the main area there is hundreds of bandas which you can request your favorite songs and dance the night away.

My family is from Aguascalientes so finding a place to stay wasn’t an issue for me but if you do plan to go, you must book months in advance. About 7 million people visit Aguascalientes during la feria so planning your trip ahead of time is key.

Experiencing La Feria de San Marcos should be on your bucket list, you truly will enjoy the culture and tradition that is lived in Aguascalientes!

Here are some pictures from my visit.

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