NYC: The city that never sleeps

If there is a city that I can truly say always surprises me its NYC. There is always something new to see and no matter how many times I have visited NYC I can never seem to tour all the places on my list, which perhaps is a great excuse to book another trip soon.

Although I visited NYC for a weekend I got to discover new spots and had some alone time to walk around Central Park and Times Square.

Here are three places you must try if you’re in the NYC area soon:

  1. Ippudo Westside  -Some of the best Ramen I have ever had!
  2. Ellen’s Stardust -This is a cool spot with yummy burgers and talented waiters that know how to put on a show. So fun!
  3. Magnolia Bakery -OK! The Banana Bread pudding is AMAZING! Please do yourself a favor and try it because its the best thing ever!

What are some of your favorite NYC spots?




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