3 Must Try Spots in Houston

When it comes to trying new restaurants, I am all for it. These 3 spots in Houston are truly hidden treasures. Sometimes a meal is enjoyed more in a hole in a wall restaurant then at a 5 star.

If you are in Houston or ever visit Houston and want to try something different here are my recommendations.

  1. Thai Gourmet  – My favorite at Thai Gourmet is the Satay Chicken (that comes with a tasty peanut sauce), the Pad Thai and the crispy rice. Trust me! You will not regret these choices.

2. Taqueria Mexico Lindo- Hands down the tacos are a must have, especially the barbacoa. I also enjoy the menudo on the weekends.

Location: 7626 Clarewood Houston,TX 77036

3. Tiger Den – If you arrive to Tiger Den and see a long waiting line, do not be surprised! This place is pretty small but the Ramen soups are delish! We ordered the spicy miso soup. The flavors and cozy feeling make this place worth the wait.

What are some of your favorite spots in Houston? Make sure to tweet me @ViriMal



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