Quick Trip to The City of Angels

I visited Los Angeles years ago for my High School Senior trip and had not been back ever since. I was so excited to visit L.A. for work and take some time to visit some sites that had been on my list.

As some of you may know I was in L.A. for the last stop of the campaign #CHIparaMi with Jomari Goyso. Thanks to Jomari, we ended up trying what is now one of my new favorite places for dinner, Cafe Gratitude . It is a vegan restaurant and although I am not vegan, I do love trying new food. One thing that I loved about this cute little cafe was the name of the dishes, everything had a positive name like Awesome, Magical, Grateful, etc… I ordered the Excited-Mojito (which was really refreshing) A cup of broccoli cream soup and the Liberated-Pad Thai Noodles. Everything was super delish!

Two places that I had been wanting to visit during this trip was The Last Book Store and Urban Lights. I had to squeeze these two sites in one night. The Last Book Store is truly impressive. It is picture perfect but also filled with great books. Urban Lights is truly a work of art. It was worth staying up late for these two visits.

As I mentioned, It was such a fast work trip. Other places I visited was of course the Pacific Coast, Glendale and East L.A. Below find pictures from my trip.

What are some of your favorite spots in L.A.?



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