Love is Patient, Love is Kind 

Happy wedding day to one of my greatest friends, Yessenia. 

We met in college through her sister,Vanessa, if it wasn’t for both Yessenia and Vanessa my college years wouldn’t have been the same. We pushed each other through everything, they both opened up their on campus apartment for me to crash when we had long nights of homework and studying. We laughed, we cried, we complained and partied. 

Our friendship truly grew into a beautiful everlasting bond. So Yesse, today on your wedding day take every moment in and enjoy this new stage. Thank you for including me to stand by your side. Although Vanessa is no longer here she continues to be the glue to our forever friendship. I love you and remember that Love is patient, Love is kind. That was Vanessa’s favorite words and our life teaching. 

Congrats on your wedding day my coma ❤


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