Why it’s important to keep my Mexican traditions alive 

Today is the last day of Hispanic Hertitage month and to close off this celebration I wanted to share with you all why it is important for me to keep my Mexican traditions alive. 

I consider myself to be very traditional, especially when it comes down to certain Mexican Catholic traditions. Such as El día de la virgencita de Guadalupe, Posadas, Día de los Reyes magos etc… I feel like my generation is so caught up with trends that typical Mexican traditions are getting lost.

 I grew up learning to appreciate my mother tongue (Spanish) and accepting the small accent that I may have. As a child I always looked forward to summer vacations in Mexico where I had the freedom that I did not have in my home in the states. Those vacations kept me connected to reality. Being exposed to how different people live and how being poor in the U.S. Is true misery in other countries. Till this day I admire the way my parents raised me instilling in me to always remember my roots and to never look down on anyone. 

When I visit Mexico and learn more about my culture I can not help but to fall in love with tradition and the beauty that Mexico holds. One day I want my children to feel the same pride I do when it comes down to my culture. I made a promise to myself a long time ago that no matter what, I would always strive to continue to keep my Mexican traditions alive. It’s important for me because it keeps me grounded and connected to who I am. 


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