Barton G. The Ultimate Dinner Experience 

Recently, I was in Miami for a work trip. I had previously heard of Barton G. restaurant for its yummy food and extravagant food presentation so I made sure to make some time to visit for dinner. 

My co-worker and I were totally impressed. We each ordered a cocktail drink. I ordered the SABRINATINI which is a martini with Orange Vodka, Watermelon Liqueor adorned with a Nitro-Champagne Swizzle Stick and a cute Chocolate Monkey.

Luisa, ordered the DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER with Citrus Vodka, triple sec and lemonade with a citrus vodka popsicle and a sugar stick. It was super cute. 

For appetizer we ordered the Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp which came in a popcorn machine. 

Dinner was truly awesome. I ordered the Blooming SeaBass and Luisa ordered the Samurai Tuna. 

And lastly for dessert The famous MARIE ANTOINETTE’S HEAD – LET THEM EAT CAKE, this absoultely was my favorite part of it all. 

Next time you’re in Miami or L.A. make sure to check out Barton G. It’s one of the best dinning experiences you will ever have.

For more information visit Barton G.


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