VoxBox: Ole Henriksen review 

About a month ago I received a VoxBox from Influenster to review Ole Henriksen, Power bright, products. To be honest I had never heard of Ole Henriksen prior to receiving my box. 

My first impression once reciving my box was, the packaging is super cute. 

So what were the products I reviewed? Onei three was, Power Bright, which is a three step process that focuses on making your skin look polished and flawless. 

The three steps are as followed: 

Step 1 is a truth sugar glow polishing mask.

Step 2 is a truth 25% vitamin C concentrate facial mask 

Step 3 is pure truth melting cleanser gel 

The first time trying, Power Bright, I was instantly impressed. Each step focuses in making your face look clean and healthy. Especially with the vitamin C mask. Plus the smell is just like orange. 

The other two products I also received was the, Sheer Transformation, which is an oil-free perfecting creme that helps repair skin with again vitamin C. These creme makes my skin feels so refreshed. I apply it on my face and neck. 

The last product I received in my box was the, Truth Serum Collagen Booster, which also has vitamin C complex. I have always heard that collagen is excellent for the skin and it’s no doubt that this serum is perfect. Can’t wait to make my next purchase.

 Ole Heniksen products are for sure the best summer discovery that I will never let go of. 

For more information visit Ole Henriksen Here

Have you tried any of these products? Comment below. 

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