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A couple of weeks ago, I attended the annual Discover U crawfish boil not really knowing what to expect. I had looked at their website but to be honest I didn’t really understand what the organization was about, that was until I talked to some students who are part of this program and understood the impact that Discover U really has on our community. So what does Diacover U do? They have different in school programs that help students from giving them exposure to different universities to helping them choose a career path. 

Miranda, Jason and Ana Karen are all High School students involved with Discover U. Thanks to this program these three students have access to help that they sometimes lack at home. Discover U is helping them actually discover new things. For example, Miranda will now be attending a University in Philidephia and is excited about being away from home that probably wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for the encouragement from the Discover U members. 

We sometimes forget that there are many students that don’t have simple access to things like we think they do. I heard from one of the Discover U members that they have had students that didn’t have a luggage or others that have never left Houston. Students need to be exposed to the world and they shouldn’t have to find it as an obstacle to do so. Something that struck me was the fact that these three students aside from their obstacles they are fearless. One thing that Ana Karen shared with me was, ” I would tell other students to go for it, not to be afraid and ask questions.” 

The Executive Director of Discover U, Phillip Nevels, expressed his passion for helping these students and highlighting the importance of offering these experiences to students. He actually lived in Florence, Italy an experience he said changed his views on life. “If there is one thing I want to pass along is to follow your curiosity, it goes a long way.”

If you would like to learn more about Discover U visit there website here:

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