Words to live by: Dichos de Mamá

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mother’s out there especially to mine. 

My mother is one of my best friends, she knows when I am hiding something or when I just need to hear the truth. She has taught me to stand up for myself, to not be scared, to be independent and to pick myself back up when I have fallen. She instilled in me my faith with God and the importance of family. 

Today, I want to dedicate this post to my mother and I want to thank her for putting up with my brother and I. 

I grew up (and still do) hearing my mother say different ‘dichos’ that she heard from her grandmother. I am sure one day I too will be using them with my children. 

Here are my mother’s top ‘dichos’

1. Como te vez me vi y como me vez te verás.

My mother’s way of reminding me that one day I too will get white hair and wrinkles. 

2. Lo que se hace en esta vida, se paga en esta vida. 

My mother’s way of reminding me to always do good because everything comes back to us in life, the bad and the good. 

3. Haz de tu vida un papalote y vuela lo.

My mother’s way of reminding me to run with life, be free and live life.

4. Candil de la calle, oscuridad de la casa.

My mother’s way of reminding me to be the same person I am at home in public. Never change for no one. 

5. Mejor sola que mal acompañada 

My mother’s way of reminding me to dump all those so called friends that spread negative energy around me or those boys that are no good. It’s ok to be alone. Embrace it! 

Do you have any dichos that your mother use to say or says? If so make sure to tweet me or comment below. 

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