Goodbye 2015! 

Happy 2016 friends, 

These past two weeks for me have been a high and low of emotions. For one I got a new job where I am so excited to grow as a professional, This job was truly a door that opened to new opportunities and I know 2016 will be great for me with my career. But on Christmas Eve I received a call from my father telling me my grandfather had passed away. I got on the first flight to Mexico to pay my respects and say goodbye to my abuelito. 

These past two weeks are just a reflection of the meaning of life. One day we are here living our dreams and then we find ourselves saying goodbye. Each year that passes by I learn more and more about “Life” and it’s lessons. This lessons that I carry to make me wiser and stronger. I have learned that everything happens for a reason. I was blessed to have had my grandfather for 28 years and maybe there were times where I had wish we had a stronger relationship but I can honestly say that I made that change throughout 2015. I visited my grandfather more often and got to talk to him about things that no one had ever asked him. Those stories and moments I will forever keep in my heart. 

2015 was a year of learning and growing. Thank you for supporting me and for reading/following my blog. I plan to live my life to the fullest until my time is up and sharing it all with you along the way. 

Happy 2016 friends, cheers to your dreams and to learning from life lessons. 



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