Asian Beauty Products 

Hello Beauties,

About a year ago I found this really cool store called FIT located in the heart of Chinatown in Houston, TX.

This store has tons of cute little stuff such a home decor, office supplies and awesome Asian beauty products. The greatest part is everything ranges from $2 to $4 I bought 7 products for under $20 which to me that is a pretty great deal.

1. Intensive Repair Foot Mask

This foot mask is made out of Shea butter and Avocado. It comes with a pair of socks, you first apply the lotion to your feet and then you cover your feet with your socks. You leave them on for 20 to 30 minutes and enjoy the results.

2. It’s real squeeze mask 

There is nothing better then relaxing on the weekend with a great face mask. When I saw this mask made with strawberry, I had to get it. The mask is actually a sheet you spread on your face and leave on for 20minutes letting your skin hydrate and absorb. The best part it was only $3

3. Eyeliner Assist 

I wish I would have had this product in middle school when I was learning how to put on eyeliner. This product helps you put on a flawless eyeliner and it was just $1 you seriously can’t beat that.

4. Clean Shaven Pad

This is just a great idea! This product  serves as a shaving pad. Unfortunately it did not really impress when it came down to the results. If it would fully work I would carry this in my bag 247.

5. Scalp Spa Massager

This is actually one of the products I was most excited to use. I have heard that if you have oily hair you should use a brush while shampooing your hair to get rid of the oil. No lie, aside from this brush feeling really good on my scalp it really made my hair feel more clean then usual.

6. Lashes

These lashes were just $2 and they are so light and natural. I am definitely going back for more. They are a must!

7. Pull Up Roller 

FIT had so many body rollers that I had no idea even existed so I had to get one. This roller was just $3 and it helps in the stomach area as well as in the thighs to avoid cellulite. I am giving myself a couple more days to see if I see any big results.

Have you tried any of these products? Or will you be trying any? Make sure to let me know, I would love to hear your input at @ViriMal

Happy Thursday!


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