MAC & Cargo: Eye shadow palettes 

Happy Tuesday, 

Today I want to talk about my two current eyeshadow palette obsession. If you are looking for a great shadow palette one of these two will do the job.   

I was so excited when I saw this MAC palette at Nordstorm, ‘Nordstrom Naturals’ Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition) (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($160 Value) And got my hands on it. This 15 eyeshadow palette is amazing and it includes some of the popular colors such as saddle, satin taupe, honey lust and wedge. Although the retail price is for $85 I recommend it because of the quality. I think if you want to spoil yourself, this palette is simply everything because you get the variety of matte and shimmer colors. 

 My second palette of choice right now is from the Canadian brand, Cargo. I am actually surprised not a lot of people are talking about this brand or product. The name of this palette is The Essentials, this 12 eyeshadow palette includes a brush as well as a black eye liner for the retail price of $39.99 the pigment in these eyeshadows are rich. My favorite colors in this palette are Industry, Metro, Hub, Urban, District and Rush Hour. You can find Cargo at Ulta or if you live in Houston visit the Look Boutique. 

Do you have any favorite eyeshadow palettes? Make sure to tweet me your favorites at @ViriMal 

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  1. November 10, 2015 / 7:10 pm

    Is there a reason you chose to go for the warm MAC palette over the cool? I’m trying to decide between them at the moment and its a real struggle!

    • November 11, 2015 / 3:56 am

      Hi, This palette was actually a limited edition but I have seen the cool and warm palettes. I think it depends on your style. The warm palette are more Browns which can be used for everyday versus the cool palette which has more darker tones for going out. It really is a struggle considering how much you’re going to spend on it. Let me know which one you go for 😊

      • November 11, 2015 / 3:20 pm

        Right now I wear such a mixture of both that I really don’t have a clue! It’s difficult not to be swayed towards cool in these winter months x

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