Día De Muertos: Celebration of Life 

I am so fascinated with the traditions and culture behind The Day of the Dead. It is said that on this day those whom have passed away return for one night to be surrounded by their loved ones as well as with all the things they loved. Such as their favorite foods, drinks, music and more.

Here in Houston, Talento Bilingüe de Houston celebrated this tradition by mimicking a Mexican cemetery. Many locals participated by creating an altar dedicating it to a local/ International celebrity or loved one. Here are some pictures from this weekend.  

People decorate either their tombs  or make altars honoring the life of their loved one. This day is used to celebrate and honor life. And no it has nothing to do with Halloween, this is a Mexican tradition.

On November 1st which is, All Saints Day, we remember the little angels that were taken at a young age. On November 2nd we remember all of the adults that are no longer with us.

Cemeteries in Mexico are filled with colorful flowers such as the traditional marigold flowers, candles and music. Live bands play all night long while family members pray and remember the life of their loved one. Who knows if their spirits really do come back to be with us I guess one day we will find out, but the meaning and tradition is so powerful. It’s a big celebration of life!
This post is dedicated to my Tio Rafael, whom was like a second grandfather to me. To my Yanez cousins whom have lost two family members in less then a month. To my cousin Cynithia whom I always remember her smile and to my partner in crime, Vanessa, whom I remember every single day and miss dearly!

Until we meet again 💗

Remember to always celebrate life and never forget those whom where once with us.




  1. Jacqueline Barrera Vargas
    November 4, 2015 / 6:54 pm

    I love it! Great post & thank you for keeping those traditions alive and sharing them with all of us!

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