10 Things you must do when visiting the Windy City

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If you follow me on social media then you must have seen some pictures I posted from my recent trip to the Windy City, Chicago. As some of you know I visit Chicago pretty often due to my bother living there so I have gotten really familiar with the city. This time my friend, Yessenia, came along for the weekend so when it came down to touring we literally had about 72 hours to fit everything in. Here are my top 10 things when you must do when visiting the Windy City.

  1. Little Italy: There is nothing like home made pasta, my favorite place in Little Italy is Rosebud. My brother actually spoiled us buy ordering Masi Costaseri (Red Wine) to go with our delicious lunch. You can also find some really cute breakfast restaurants such as Stax Cafe. Also if you get a chance to walk around stop by Mario’s Italian Lemonade you won’t regret it although he is closed for several months due to the weather you might want to research before making the trip. 
  2. Magnificent Mile: Also Known as Michigan Ave is a must. I like to start by the feet sculptures (Agora) and walk down along Michigan. The scenery is amazing during the fall and the weather is perfection. Plus if you walk south from Agora you will end up at your favorite brand stores, a little shopping doesn’t hurt.   

3. Catch a play: One of  my favorite things to do when visiting Chicago is catching a play at the Chicago Theater or Steppenwolf Theater. This time we saw Charm at Steppenwolf, I love going to this theater because it is a non-profit and their productions always have a twist.

4. Visit one of the tallest buildings in the world: Willis Tower is a must when visiting Chicago. Not only do you get a full view of the city but you can get to experience the skydeck, just don’t look down!    5. Secret City View: Many locals know what the perfect city views are and this is absolutely the best view you can get of the city especially at night. This view is right next to the Planetarium make sure you take a cab or uber.       6. The Art Institute of Chicago: From Van Gogh to George Seurat you will find classic paintings that we all learned to love in our history books. The Art Institute is filled with culture and history a must when you’re in the city.   

7.  The Bean: The Bean has become one of the top tourist attractions in Chicago. This large silver structure is located in Millennium Park. Its a cool spot for pictures.

8.Navy Pier: Take a stroll down Navy Pier, this place is excellent for families that have children. You can take a boat ride, get on different carnival rides, do a little survivor shopping and have dinner at one of their restaurants with the view of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan.

9. Deep Dish Pizza: Chicago is known also for its food. There yummy pizza and beefs are the signature must haves. Aside from Giordano’s Pizza there is also Beggar’s Pizza which you can’t go wrong. Whichever you choose you can’t leave with a slice of deep dish pizza.

10. Just talk a stroll in Downtown Chicago: You can not go wrong with walking around this historic city and running into different views. Be adventurous and just go with the flow.

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