Thalia presents her fall collection at Macy’s in Houston

Thalia arrived to Houston this past Saturday, September 19th to present her Fall Thalia Sodi Collection available online and at 300 Macy’s nation wide.

Hundreds of fans lined up to meet and greet the Mexican actress, designer, singer, philanthropist and entrepreneur at Macy’s in Memorial City Mall. I had the chance (along with other local bloggers) to speak to her about life as a working mother and her current fall collection.

Balance, according to Thalia is the key to her life as a working mother whom stated that her children, husband and interacting with her fans through social media are her biggest motivators. With over 25 years in the industry its no lie that many of us have grown up loving her charisma and high energy. Precisely those are the two words I can use to describe her clothing line.

Thalia said it was important for her and her team to understand that Latinas come in all shapes and sizes, “This line was created for every women that goes to work and runs out after to catch her girlfriends for a margarita or just wants to feel comfortable in her own skin.”  One of Thalia’s personal favorite is animal print in which several key pieces of her line reflect that. The Thalia Sodi Collection is more then just clothing she has also has created shoes and jewelry to go with every outfit making it flattering for every girl in the world.

Check out the video below for more on Saturday’s event. A special thanks to Thalia for being so down to earth  and to everyone at Macy’s for all the accommodations.

I apologize in advance for the bad/shaky video. Enjoy and make sure to go out to the nearest Macy’s for your fall Thalia Sodi Collection, I sure am!

Thalía llego a la cuidad espacial para presentar su línea de ropa The Thalía Sodi Collection en Macy’s

Tuve la suerte de charlar con Thalía y otras bloggers de Houston sobre su vida como madre y empresaria al igual sobre su colección de otoño en Macy’s

Gracias Thalía por tu atención y por ser tan linda al igual que a Macy’s por acomedirnos.



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