To My Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

When I first met Jacqueline was in College English class. I remember she was shy and very reserved. I never thought our simple classmate friendship would led to something bigger.

One night I invited Jacqueline to have sushi and she brought her cousin along. I remember we started to do different things around town and began to see how many things we had in common. It was a stage in our lives where we needed each other. I found her and she found me. Our friendship grew stronger and we ended up becoming best friends.

So today on your wedding day I want to tell you thank you! Thank you for allowing me to be by your side on your special day. Thank you for trusting me, for giving me the biggest gift any girl could have which is trust and loyalty. Thank you for being real, for pushing me and never leaving me behind. For understanding and for much more. As you marry your Prince Charming I can only smile ear to ear because I more then anyone knows the love you have for Oscar. I can’t wait to see your love blossom.

I love you bestie and Congrats on your wedding day!

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