Giving back in a special way

Happy 2015 Friends!

Today marks my 27th Birthday. Crazy to think that just a few years ago I would’ve made such a big deal about my day of birth and now I am ok with a lot less. Gifts no longer matter but phone calls or text messages mean so much more. Its great to feel remembered and loved.

This year I wanted to celebrate by remembering someone close to my heart, My friend Vanessa. Vanessa and I met in college in our ‘Gender Media’ class with my friend Carlos. Vanessa was the type of friend that every girl needs. She was that friend that encouraged me to be better, to work harder, to see my qualities and self worth. We pulled all nighters, wrote papers together, walked to our classes, shared our dreams and graduated together. What started off as classmates led to a great friendship. Vanessa welcomed me into her family and gave me tours of the “Dirty Bay” we celebrated each others accomplishments and complain about our lives. She was the queen of Snapchats and Memes. We had future plans planned out especially to travel together more often this 2015.


Although I won’t be getting a phone call from her she has left me with the best memories any friend can give and I will forever cherish them in my heart that is why I have decided to do a “Birthday for a cause” campaign the same campaign Vanessa did for her birthday. All money raised will go towards The Vanessa Morales Fund. A fund made after her goal was surpassed on her original campaign. 100% of the proceeds will go to help children in extremely poverty countries to have access to an education.


Join me by making a donation today. Any amount is acceptable. There is nothing better then giving back and remembering those that are here on Earth and those that have left a mark in our lives. Cheers to friendship and many more!

Thank you all in advance for your love and support.

“Viri’s Birthday for a Cause” Donate Here



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