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Mind, Body and Soul

Currently I find myself in Aguascalientes, Mexico a beautiful city and state that has so much to offer to many tourist.

I grew up coming to this beautiful state as a child since my father is from here. I feel like my parents have done a pretty good job in instilling our Mexican traditions.

Me encuentro en Aguascalientes, Mexico una cuidad y estado muy lindo con mucho que ofrecer especialmente a los turistas. Yo crecí viniendo a esta cuidad de niña, ya que mi papa es de aquí. Creo que mi mama y papa han hecho un buen trabajo en recordando nos de nuestra cultura y raíces. Nunca olvidando de donde somos.

I have always been curious as to how my ancestors lived and the importance of being connected with nature.

Siempre me ha llamado la atención en la forma que nuestros ancestros indígenas vivían conectados con la naturaliza.

This summer has been one of the toughest for me in all aspects to the point where I just needed to get away.

I needed a vacation that could help me bring my emotions and thoughts together. My prayer got answered as an unexpected trip came up and the opportunity was given for me to take this trip.

Este verano a sido unos de los mas difíciles para mi, necesitaba unas vacaciones donde pudiera recolectar mis pensamientos y emociones.


Part of this distress was going to Yolihauni Temazcal Spa located in Calvillo, with my three aunts. A temazcal is a sweat lodge, kind of like a sauna, which originated in the pre Hispanic Indigenous era. It is said that when you enter the temazcal it signifies that your entering back into your mothers womb. In the middle of the temazcal the guardian, usually a man whom brings in the hot stone rocks, sets the rocks in the middle of the lodge. The rocks are known as the “abuelitas” which means grandmother in Spanish. I must add that this Spa is the modern version of a Temazcal.

Este fin de semana mis tías y yo visitamos Yolihauni Temazcal en Calvillo, un Temazcal se puede comparar a un sauna, en el cual se invento en la era de los Indígenas. El significado del Temezcal es como si estuvieras entrando al vientre de tu mama. Las piedras que se usan para calentar se llaman las abuelitas.



You are then given a bucket with different herbs such as mint scent, that you pour onto the rocks in which it creates the steam. While your inside the Temazcal you are given a mixture of coffee and sand to rub onto your body its to exfoliate your skin.

Cuando estas adentro de el Temezcal te dan 3 cubetas de diferente yerbas para poner sobre las piedras. Después te aumentas sobre el cuerpo un exfoliaste de cafe con tierra.


After almost an hour and a half we went through 3 large buckets of scents and came out drenched in sweat. While in the Temazcal its a great time to mediate and relax while concentrating on your body and breathing.


We then made our way to the showers which are in a private yet open area. After my warm shower I headed over to the massage area, where I got a hot stone massage for an hour and a half.

Despues de casi una hora y media y bañada en sudor vas a una área donde uno se puede bañar. Después puedes hacer tu cita para un masaje. En el cual yo escogí el de las piedras calientes.



This Spa was one of the greatest experiences I have had. Its amazing to learn about the importance of re-energizing yourself and elevating your mind, body and soul.

Este Spa fue unas de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. Es importante recordar que de ves en cuando tenemos que recargar energía y elevar nos con nuestro cuerpo, espíritu y mente.


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