Hair Must Haves: Shampoo & Conditioner edition

How many of you, ladies, have gone through that stage where we want to change our look and end up damaging our hair? Well that is exactly what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I decided I wanted a cool ‘summer look’ and ended up bleaching my hair to get an ombre look.

Cuantas de nosotras nos a pegado la loquera y queremos cambiar de color de pelo pero terminamos dañado lo? Eso es exactamente lo que me paso hace algunas semanas. Me quise hacer el ombre y termine blanqueando me el pelo en el cual me lo daño.

I was then in desperate need of a good shampoo. I am a monthly subscriber of Birchbox, which is an online store where you pay a monthly fee to receive monthly goodies. In my June box I received the ” Lovely Smoothing Shampoo” by Davines as well as their conditioner “Lovely Smoothing Conditioner.” The shampoo had Indian Fig extract and the conditioner contains Borage oil. Buy Shampoo and Conditioner from Birchbox here

Estaba desesperada en un champú bueno. Tengo una afiliación cada mes con Birchbox, en el cual ellos me mandan diferente productos a mi casa. El mes de Julio recibí un champú orgánico llamado “Lovely Smoothing Shampoo” por Davines y el acondicionador es “Lovely Smoothing Conditioner.” El champú tiene higo Indio y el acondicionador tiene aceite de borraja.


I absolutely loved this shampoo, I could feel it do exactly what I wanted for my hair which was that soft silky texture. I have been using this product for about a month now and I have no regrets. Yes, It is more expensive then your typical local drug store shampoo but the saying is true, “You get what you pay for.” Buy Love Shampoo and Conditioner from Davines

Estoy enamorada de este producto, siento la diferencia en mi pelo cuando lo uso. Me da esa textura de ceda y suave que buscaba para mi pelo. Lo eh estado usando por un mes y no lo cambio por nada. Si cuesta mucho mas que los típicos champús. Pero como dice el dicho, “Se obtiene lo que se paga.”


Although, I must admit that if you do not want to spend $24 on each product then my next reccomendation is a drug store brand, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner gets the job done making my hair shiny and soft, plus the smell is absouletly amazing.

Pero si no quieres pagar $24 por un champú mi siguiente recomendación es una marca accesible se llama,Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Este producto te deja el pelo suave ademas tiene un olor irresistible.


Hope you show your hair some love. Let me know what are some of your favorite hair products.

Espero y le des un poquito de amor a tu pelo. Deja me saber cuales son tus favoritos productos.


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