“I’ll start acting like a women..when you start acting like a man”

When I was in middle school one of my good friends gave me this poem and loved it…I found it last night in the middle of other old memories!

I wanted to share it…and perhaps you can share it with others, Enjoy!


-Viri <3

” Don’t Blow in my ear ” 

by, Claudette E. Sims

Dont blow in my ear!I like you, I want you,
but aint nothing you can say
gonna make me give up my future
for a roll in the hay

I aint ready to make no babies
hey i’m still just a girl
and i got a whole lot of living
before i bring a baby into this world

Don’t blow in my ear!

I want to finish my education
and get my degree
I want to make my momma
proud of me

She done scrubbed a lot of toilets
so i could make it this far
think i am gonna give up my respect
in the back seat of your car?

My baby’s gonna have a Daddy
a house and a name
im giving him a future
so hell be glad he came

Don blow in my ear!

I know you say you love me
but if you cant wait
then you got a problem
cause i aint ready to mate!

Where you gonna be
when the money aint right?
When i aint got no diapers
and i been cleaning you-know-what all night

Playing basketball?
Playing cards,shooting pool?
Sleeping with my best friend?
I ain’t gonna be nobodys fool!

So don’t blowin my ear
I got a dream and I got a plan
and i’ll start acting like a woman,
When you start acting like a man!

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  1. Jacqueline
    June 14, 2012 / 6:23 pm

    Absolutely love it! <3

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