Love for the windy city…Chicago!

Hello lovely friends,

As some of you may know I was in the windy city a week ago, It was one of those trips were I just needed to get away from home! (We all have those days)

My dad suggested for me to be a little adventurous and take a 20 hr bus drive to Chicago, my first thought was “You have to be kidding….right…where is the adventure in that?”

He then proceeded to lie to me telling me that the scenery was amazing and so on…So I told myself, “Viri, why not..lets do this.”

I shocked my parents and myself a little…If you know me I usually prefer being comfortable and at times I get impatience.

The 20hrs were not bad at all, especially the people I was with. We all had different stories and came from different backgrounds.

I learned that we all had a purpose and a destination we wanted to reach…and I realized that thats exactly what life is about at times. We all have one goal!

After my 20hrs of thinking and sleeping…I arrived to the windy city…a city that has grown on me tremendously!!

When I would hear my dad and aunts/uncles speak of their love for Chicago, I learned to like it just by hearing them talk about the food and festivals. Although, This has been perhaps my 6th or 7th time going, Chi-town continues to amaze me. I can honestly say that every time I go, I learn and love this city even more…from the streets to the food to the people! ( Although I still feel that some people are a little more segregated then in Houston, but thats a different story)

This time I got too experience the vibe of passionate Mexican soccer fans at Solider Field and witness that amazing last minute goal by Chicharito as well as getting to meet some of the players afterward the Mexico vs Bosnia game and I also got a chance to enter every little girls dream the American Doll palace (It was amazing) but nothing can take away the brother sister quality time I spent with my brother!

Anyway’s if you haven’t visited Chicago…add it to your must go places! It’s a must…I guarantee it!!

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Thanks to my little brother for his hospitality as well as to my sister in law Andrea and your amazing family!! To Alex and your girlfriend for an amazing time at six flags….oh and too my brother’s little neighbors!

-Viri <3

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