To love means to respect…

We all know that February is the month of love, by the start of next week we will begin to see tents on almost every street corner selling flowers and teddy bears. (whatevs)

But perhaps what you didn't know is that February is also the month of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, last week a Facebook update status caught my attention and along with the status a link was attached. ( link is at the bottom) I proceeded to open the link and was surprised by what it said.

According to the website of "Nearly half of dating college women (43%) report having ever experienced violent or abusive dating behaviors, and more than one in five (22%) report actual physical abuse, sexual abuse or threats of physical violence."

Shocking isn't it! Which means perhaps one or two of your closest friends or family member might have gone through this or is going through this.

Girls, if you are in an unhealthy relationship it is important to find professional help. I am no expert in the subject but I do know one thing TO LOVE MEANS TO RESPECT and if your boyfriend cannot respect you then he does not love you.

If you are looking for help contact your local Womens Area Center, for help in Houston here is the info:

Houston Women's Area Center -1010 Waugh Drive H.TX 77019 (713) 528-6798

by the way shout out to Frida Villalobos whom was the person that provided that link, not only does she work hard at the Houston Women Area Center she does it with passion. I admire you for that and everything that you do to help victims of domestic violence:)


xoxo <3

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