New Year, New You, New Everything!!!

New Years in Belgium a picture I took were social events are held for the Queen.

Hello friends,

In Belgium, waiting for the New Year with Nadia!

I know it was exactly one month ago yesterday that we said good bye to 2011 and HELLO to 2012. We all have new year resolutions and some of them we stick too and well others we don’t.

As some of you may know, I went on an amazing trip to Europe for a month with my friend Nadia. After learning some much about myself, others and culture I realized a lot about life and the amazing things this world has to offer. I came back to my everyday life determined to kick ass in everything that it is that I do. I truly can say I am a new person, my view on life is unexplainable. I am excited to live the journey that is set out for me to live. The good, the bad I am ready to face it all. I know now that I will probably handle things in a different manner.

2012, is truly a new year in all aspects. I invite you to do take advantage of whatever life is offering you now and live life to the fullest. Make 2012 your year, If there is something or someone bugging you then do something about it. Change everything that makes you unhappy and live life for yourself. Stop caring about what others think of you (they dnt pay your bills) and attack the world. Your happiness is in your hands, and perhaps each week you should do something new and different. Make 2012 one to remember!!!

Cheers to a great year <3

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  1. Nadia
    February 2, 2012 / 4:21 am

    Couldn’t have said it better! They don’t pay my bills, glad to have passed on my motto 🙂

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